The Idaho Transportation Department closed most of the driver's licensing offices across the state Tuesday because of a computer problem.

According to ITD, the system is having delays.

“As county offices go online, we're seeing at the beginning of the day things are normal and OK,” ITD spokesman Jake Melder said. “But as more and more transactions go through, the system begins to slow down and we're seeing those delays.”

Delays that become such an issue some transactions aren't even processed. That means you could have finished all the work, but your license might not be printed.

“It's our job to provide driver's licenses to our citizens here in Ada County,” Sheriff Stephen Bartlett said. “But unfortunately, as a result of the outages throughout ITD’s system, we are unable to do that for our customers today.”

Over the weekend ITD did a software update, but they don't know if it's that update or something else that is causing the delays.

“Right now, if you want to think about it like a doctor and with his patient. We can see the symptoms, we don't know what the root cause is yet,” Melder said.

They had to close all county licensing offices across the state on Tuesday, with the exception of Ada and Canyon counties.

“We don't want to shut down every county in Idaho because we need those transactions moving forward to try to identify what exactly is going on," Melder said.

It's been a multi-day delay. It began on Friday and continued into Monday and Tuesday.

Something frustrating to customers and even the counties, especially after Ada County just rolled out new improvements to cut down wait times. For example, they extended hours and expanded service stations from 13 to 21.

“We're ready to provide that high level of service, but unfortunately because of ITD and their system being down on a regular basis, we're unavailable unable to do that for you today," Bartlett said.

"People are taking time off of work to get into the counties and they're not getting the services that they expect,” Melder said. “It is a real inconvenience and we do want to apologize to the public of Idaho. This isn't up to our standards and we are working our hardest to correct this issue."

ITD announced late Tuesday that is continuing to troubleshoot the computer problems and will open five DMV offices on Wednesday. The offices that will be open to the public are in Ada, Bannock, Canyon, Kootenai and Twin Falls counties. All others will remain closed.

ITD says the five county locations will remain open so they can work to identify the problem and test for solutions. Services at these locations are still expected to be slow. The public should plan for delays and postpone their visit, if possible.

All other county motor vehicle services such as titles and registration will be open the public and have not been affected by the computer issues.