BOISE -- More than 70,000 compost bins will be distributed to homes in Boise beginning Monday.

The rollout marks the official start of the city's composting program, designed to keep waste out of the landfill.

It's a venture years in the making, environmental division manager Haley Falconer said.

"It is a desire for our city and our citizens to really preserve that space in the landfill, take that compostable material out of the landfill and do something beneficial with it," she said.

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According to the city, nearly half of the household waste that ends up in the landfill could be composted. Materials including fruits and vegetables, grass clippings, coffee grounds, leaves and branches can be composted. The decomposed matter will be recycled into a nutrient-rich soil that will be available for free to those who participate in the program.

The finished compost will also be used on Boise's parks and golf courses, according to Falconer.

"Hopefully, by limiting the amount of trash that goes to the landfill, we preserve the life of the landfill overall, which has an impact on our rates and how we manage costs over the lifetime of the program," she said.

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Residents can begin putting compost in their bins as soon as they receive them, Falconer said. Compost will be collected on the same day as trash pickup.

The first bins will be distributed to homes in Northwest Boise. The rollout will continue over the next six weeks.

To check when your bin will be delivered, or learn more about the city composting program, click here.