The Idaho Humane Society is the largest and oldest animal charity in the state of Idaho. It's an open animal shelter that accepts all animals in need.

About 14,000 animals come through the humane society every year. Idaho Humane Society CEO Dr. Jeff Rosenthal says the goal is to find them a home or return them to their owners.

"They all get a medical exam we treat any injuries or illness and then we work very hard through our fostering and volunteer program with those pets that need it so we can put them out for adoption,” said Rosenthal.

Because it is an open shelter, the animals get to stay as long as it takes for them to find a home.

"We are here to end pet homelessness, and we do that through a variety of programs," said Rosenthal.

Programs like the inmate dog alliance allow dogs like these to spend time at Idaho correctional facilities getting trained by inmates. The society also holds adoption events, Dr. Rosenthal says these types of programs really help pets find homes.

"It's about getting the pets up on our website. It’s about taking them to adoption clinics, and it’s about getting people through the doors and having them select a pet that's right for them," said Rosenthal.

The humane society also provides pet owners with resources to help keep their pets in times of need.

“We have an extensive pet food pantry program that distributes about 100,000 pounds of donated pet food to those that need it," said Rosenthal.

Without those resources, some families would have to give up their pets, and the animals would likely end up here.

For Dr. Rosenthal keeping pets with their families and finding these animals new families is what it’s all about.

"I've always loved animals and this is such a rewarding experience to work at this shelter,” said Rosenthal. “The staff is always inspiring the volunteers are inspiring and the success when you see a pet like this get in a new persons arms as a part of a happy family you just leave at the end of the day feeling great."

Being a part of Idaho Gives this Thursday, May 4 will animals without a home get the care they need.To donate to the Idaho Humane Society or any Idaho Gives charity click here.