HAILEY - The community is coming together as mandatory evacuations in Hailey mount because of flooding.

Another 19 homes in the Della View subdivision were ordered to evacuate Friday afternoon, bringing the total number of mandatory evacuations up to 41.

Carol Brown with the city of Hailey said the evacuations in this area didn't come as a surprise. They had been warning residents in this area to gather belongings in case the conditions got worse - which it has.

Brown said there are certain criteria they follow before announcing a mandatory evacuation. They look at how accessible the area is to emergency officials in case something happens. They also look at how safe and easy it is for residents to actually get to their homes.

In the last few days, Brown said she has seen anything from logs to patio furniture flowing down the street in this area - which makes it even more dangerous.

"What we're seeing here is twofold: We have ground water coming up from over there and then the river has expanded and come right along Heagle Park over here and you're kind of seeing the confluence of the ground water and the overflow from the river here that's completely enveloped Red Elephant Drive all the way down to War Eagle Drive," Brown said.

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Brown says in the midst of this chaos the community has really come together to help those who really need it.

There are four sandbag sites set up throughout the city. Community members have been filling up sandbags and people with larger trucks have been transporting them back to people in the neighborhood.

One volunteer said they've filled thousands of sandbags and plan to do so through the weekend and as long as people need them.