Did you happen to see this along the Connector this morning? That's Boise's Christmas tree making its way to its new home at the Grove Plaza.

That was after crews worked to remove the 40-year-old blue spruce from its former home in west Boise.

The 40-year-old tree will be the center of Boise's holiday celebration next Friday.

The family donating the tree says the spruce began its life in Boise as a Christmas tree and they're thrilled others will be able to celebrate it as well.

"We bought it from a nursery years ago and when we got it, it was in a tub and we used it for an indoor Christmas tree and then take it out, and then when it got too big to carry then we planted it,” said Bruce Fabbi. “And then after we planted it we would put lights on it at Christmas time until it got so big that I couldn't reach the top of it. So it started as a Christmas tree, it's ending up as a Christmas tree."

The city's tree lighting event at the Grove Plaza in Nov. 25 from 5:30 p.m. until 7 p.m.