Our crazy winter and wet spring has a lot of people suffering from cabin fever; with warm weather on the way, some of you may find yourself looking ahead to next week's holiday weekend. Many may be hitting the road for Memorial Day, perhaps for a camping trip. However, before you head out into the woods, you're going to want to be prepared.

The best thing you can do if you're heading into the Boise National Forest next weekend is to know before you go, do your research. Many areas and campsites are opening and closing on a daily basis.

"Everyone needs to remember we've had this crazy winter. It's the same up in the mountains," Venetia Gempler with the Boise National Forest said.

So far, four campgrounds have had to close due to this year's extreme weather.

"The rivers and creeks, the streams up in the mountain are running fast and cold and deep. All that spring runoff is going somewhere and it's feeding into the Boise River," Gempler said. "We just want to caution people to be very careful around those streams and rivers."

Both Dog Creek and Elk Flat Campgrounds, just north of Pine, have been closed due to the rising waters of Dry Creek. Flood waters have also wiped out a bridge and indefinitely closed Grayback Campground just south of Idaho City.

"This year those favorite places that our forest visitors like to go to, may be very different than what they remember," Gempler said.

Extreme weather has also taken its toll on a number of popular places. Rainbow and Amanita campgrounds around Lake Cascade have been closed due to forest restoration.

"That work was delayed because of the extreme snowfall that we've had this last winter," Gempler said.

The Rabbit Creek to Crooked River Road loop has also been closed due to the amount of people getting stuck in the snow and mud.

"So many people that we just felt that it was unsafe," Gempler said.

So for any of those looking to go up into the Boise National Forest this next holiday week, you need to be prepared.

"Take extra food, take the extra clothing, be prepared that you might get stuck somewhere. If you have a chainsaw, it might be a good idea to pack it with you because there might be trees falling into roadways and we don't' want people to become trapped," Gempler said.

This as this year's extreme winter and spring weather is still taking its toll.

Any campground closures and openings can be found on the Boise National Forest website.

A list of dates campgrounds are expected to open can be found here.