Meridian Fire officials say no one was hurt when a car burst into flames this morning at a Fred Meyer gas station on Fairview Avenue near Locust Grove.

Battalion Chief Ken Welborn says a woman had pulled up to the pump to get some gas when she noticed smoke and fire coming from the engine compartment of her car.

Welborn said the gas station attendant followed proper protocol and turned off the emergency shut off switch to the gas pumps, preventing an explosion. The attendant then called the fire department, which responded quickly and extinguished the flames.

Rosemary DeMond saw the fire and sent us a photo.

There are no injuries to report. The car is described as a total loss.

Welborn says it's hard to say what might have ignited the fire because there are so many different components in the engine compartment. He said the fire was not started by the woman fueling the vehicle.