BOISE - A bill about snow removal and highway district responsibilities has caused some confusion over the last few days.

KTVB reported Monday on what House Bill 251 would change for highway districts around the state, and that the Ada County Highway District was one of the agencies advocating for the bill.

The Ada County Highway District says it had no part of writing this bill .

The highway district's lawyer, Steve Price, was listed by mistake as the presenter of the bill.

ACHD says Price did consult on the bill, but is not the sponsor.

The bill has since been changed, and now lists the bill's sponsor, Rep. Tomas Loertscher.

KTVB originally reported that the bill would change the responsibilities for highway districts in regard to snow removal on residential streets and sidewalks.

ACHD says the bill reference of "public right of way" only refers to sidewalks. Streets would not be affected.
The highway district says this bill is an update to one passed in 2013.

"The statute involved how property is acquired for roadways and additions to the road systems and there was just some "for instance" language in there of once you get the property here's what you do with it in terms of maintenance," ACHD Chief Information Officer Craig Quintana told KTVB. "One of the maintenance items they threw in there when they were writing the bill was at that point was snow removal from sidewalks. It made for a confusion because that was never meant to be there in a bill talking about how you get property."

ACHD says this bill would not change how it operates because it already does not plow sidewalks.

KTVB reached out to the bill's sponsor, Rep. Loertscher, for clarification, but had not heard back as of late Friday