For 15 different children in the Treasure Valley their family came full circle.

Canyon County celebrated Adoption Day with more than a dozen children being placed in their forever home.

“For all of the families this is the first day of forever, meaning that they have someone to walk them down the aisle, they have someone to go to their graduations,” said Keako Crill with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

Crill says it takes a special type of person and parent to adopt.

“The children that are in foster care are either due to neglect, abuse or sexual abuse. There is a lot of trauma that goes with that,” Crill added.

Today, Crill feels comforted that all these children will now be safe and in a permanent home with families who love them.

Adoptive mother Sandra Call has now grown her family to from six to eight by adopting two siblings, Cassandra and Cassidy, today.

Call says she plans to adopt the girls sister next year.

“To know that they were able to stay together and have all three sisters to stay together, and they do have that bond, they still have their family,” said Call.

Call has been fostering Cassandra and Cassidy for a year and half.

She says today marks the end of a long journey.

“If I can change one child’s life and give them a good experience that they can either go home to their family or be adopted to another family, that is my goal,” she said.