Summer camp is something many kids look forward to. For some, it is more than just a week away from home, it's a week away from the doctors and hospitals.

The 16th annual motorcycle escort to Camp Rainbow Gold took place on Sunday.

For years, the campers have had an escort from Bellevue to Cathedral Pines. New this year, the Boise Valley Riders decided they wanted to get involved - and provide a motorcycle escort from Boise to Bellevue.

The idea came after pediatric cancer hit close to home for one member of the club.

Jim Scanlon, the president of the Boise Valley Riders, learned about the camp when his teenage son was going through cancer treatment.

"I would have to say it's a godsend to some of these families," he said.

The campers range in age from six to 12. They are all at different phases of cancer; some have just recently been diagnosed while others are in remission. For a week each year, they get to escape their daily reminders of their battle with cancer.

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Scanlon’s son is in remission, but he wanted to get involved with the program.

"Having a 17-year-old go through that is different than having some little kid go through it that didn't understand what's going on,” he said. “So we just put it together and said ‘Why don't we just escort them up to Bellevue, and from Bellevue back home again where they don't have an escort.’"

There are 36 campers on this week’s trip. It’s free for the families to send their children to camp.