BOISE - The Boise Fire Department responded to three significant incidents - all in less than an hour - early Sunday morning.

According to Boise Fire spokesperson Char Jackson, crews were called to a house fire, a confined space rescue and a water rescue.

The first call, a house fire came it at about 2:30 a.m. on Hillway Drive. Jackson said the fire started in a pickup camper parked in a driveway of the home and spread to a bedroom on the second floor. No injuries were reported. At this point there is no word on the extent of damage to the home.

While crews were working the fire, a call came in for a confined space rescue at about 3:20 a.m. Jackson said an intoxicated man was wandering around a construction site near the intersection of State and Roe streets when he found a vertical corrugated pipe sticking out of the ground. The man decided to climb into the pipe, which was a little more than two feet in diameter. He then jumped dropped down about 10 to 15 feet and went completely underwater.

Jackson said the man was able to swim to the surface and lodge his knees and arms against the pipe walls to avoid submerging again. A passerby heard his screams for help and was able to flag down a motorist who called 911. Once on scene, crews cut the plastic pipe down to lower the pipe opening, then lowered down their ice rescue rope and hoisted the man out.

A short time later, the department's dive team was called out to rescue two people who became stuck on an island in the Boise River. Jackson says the pair was swimming in the river at night when they became stranded just downstream from the Willow Lane Sports Complex. Crews used a boat to rescue the man and woman, who were said to be shaken up and cold, but otherwise okay, after the ordeal.