BOISE- There is a major change for thousands of bus riders in the Treasure Valley.

The new Main Street Station opened up Monday in downtown Boise. It's underneath the US Bank Tower on Main Street.

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You will enter the new station on the Grove Plaza and go down dozens of stairs or use an elevator to get to the buses. There are nine of them using the underground station, but Valley Regional Transit Project Manager Jacob Hassard says that number will eventually grow.

"We're a smaller transit company in a smaller city, but I think this is a great step for us to take to move toward a quality transportation system that isn't required but it's a great option," said Hassard.

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The project has been in the works for three years. The total cost was around $65 million, which was a public and private partnership. A lot of that money came from a federal grant.

There were some route changes on Monday that concerned some riders. Click here for more information about the routes and the new station.