BOISE COUNTY - Some good news for those who planned to camp at the Bull Trout Campground in the Boise National Forest for the upcoming eclipse.

The campground and surrounding recreation areas have reopened after being closed because of bear encounters Now, district employees are working to contact campers who already had reservations to get them rebooked.

The campground was closed for nearly two weeks because two bears had been visiting the area looking for food.

Idaho State Fish and Game caught one bear. They say it was euthanized because it was not afraid of humans anymore and destroyed private property, making it a potential threat to public safety. The second bear appears to have left the area.

"This year, bears appear more prone toward human contact. In spite of heavy precipitation experienced this past spring and winter, we're finding that berry crops in traditional bear habitat have not fared well," said Mike Feiger, acting Lowman District ranger. "Bears are seeking other food sources and in this campers and campgrounds are an easy and attractive source."

Visitors are reminded to be cautious when storing food and other products to avoid attracting bears.

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