VALLEY COUNTY -- A driver in Valley County had a close call Friday when a two large boulders came loose from a hillside and careened down onto the road.

According to Midas Gold, the driver - a contractor for the company - was traveling from the Stibnite Gold Project site to Yellow Pine along Stibnite Road when the incident happened.

Both boulders smashed into the right side of the Ford F250 pickup, shattering the window and a windshield. One of the large rocks lodged in the passenger seat of the truck.

Luckily, no one was riding in the passenger seat, Midas Gold environmental superintendent Kyle Fend wrote in a blog post. The contractor who was driving escaped with only a small scrape.

Fend wrote "the luck of the Irish" must have been with the crew to keep them safe during the St. Patrick's Day smash-up. But he also stressed the importance of safety and preparedness in the post, noting that staff keep an eye out for changing road conditions and hazards, particularly in the winter and spring months.

“We do not rely on luck to keep us safe, rather we inspect, check and recheck and then have a plan in case something happens anyway,” Fend said in a statement. “We want everyone to return home safely every day.”

The boulders were removed, and Stibnite Road has been reopened for limited use.