Students at Borah High School honored fallen veterans today with a ceremony put on by the Borah JROTC.

Out of all the high schools in Idaho, Borah had the most soldiers that lost their lives in the Vietnam and Iraq wars.

Four brave men that served and died in Vietnam and three in Iraq were all Borah alumni.

Former student and retired police chief Mike Johnson went to school with Rick Albright, who he saw at his high school reunion 10 years ago and then died in Iraq one year after.

He says the amount of veterans speaks to the fiber of the type of student body Borah High School has.

“High school was the last purity of your life in a way before you go on to the real world, these students that laid down their lives, they never got that opportunity, so I think that’s why we have to honor them,” said Johnson.

Johnson says he got involved in the Borah High Veterans Day ceremony four years ago. He believes the event gives current students a sense of pride and something to think about.