It's been one week since the tragic shooting at a concert in Las Vegas that killed 58 people and injured hundreds more.

Since then, there have been vigils held across the country, and on Sunday night, dozens students at Boise Sate University, many with strong ties to Las Vegas, gathered to do the same.

Ariana Grgas, a student at BSU and Las Vegas resident, says they're not only using this vigil to pay respect to those who died in this horrific attack, they're also using it as a way for students like her to find comfort.

Grgas has lived in Vegas since she was 11 years old and she first found out about what happened through Twitter. She says she immediately called her dad, who is still living there, and then called some other students from Las Vegas in her dorm building.

"You see videos break everyday on social media, some are fake some are real, but to hear the cries and the screaming and just seeing people drop, that's not right," Grgas said. "I had a ton of friends that were down there... so it was kind of a mad dash to get in touch with everybody and see who was where."

Grgas says it was a traumatic situation that has brought an entire community together within the BSU community, something she's seen before. Before Grgas moved to Las Vegas, she lived in New York.

"I was in New York for September 11th, so I pretty much know what tragedy is like and how to cope with it and deal with it and move past it," said Grgas. "This was definitely a surprise but a matter of coping with it and helping other people cope it wasn't necessarily difficult for me."

Grgas says everyone from athletes to other students have been healing at their own pace but events like tonight have really helped them.

Right after the shooting happened, BSU offered counseling services to anyone affected by the incident.