BOISE -- Boise State University officials say they are working to figure out who damaged a black student group's float ahead of the school's homecoming parade.

The Afro-Black Student Alliance decorated a golf cart in a Black Lives Matter theme for the parade. Students say they arrived at the parade lineup to their float in shambles: Streamers had been torn, balloons popped, and a sign that read "Black Lives Matter" stolen outright.

School officials say the golf cart - along with floats from a dozen other student groups - had been left unattended overnight in the Brady Parking Garage. It was then moved from the garage to the parking lot on the west end of campus by a student leader for the parade lineup. It was at the lineup that members of the Afro-Black Student Alliance noticed the damage.

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Boise State President Bob Kustra condemned the vandalism Saturday night, and vowed a full investigation.

"I learned this evening that a homecoming float built by the Afro-Black Student Alliance to raise awareness about the Black Lives Matter movement was damaged by vandals," Kustra said in a statement. "Let me say unequivocally that I and all Boise State leaders condemn this act and any attempt to quiet the constitutionally protected free speech of students and others on our campus. Our security team is investigating the reports and will support the students if they choose to report the vandalism to police. We have reached out to the alliance's student leaders to express our support directly. We intend to continue to do all we can to keep Boise State a safe and welcoming campus for all students."

The Boise State University Department of Public Safety is investigating the vandalism. Anyone with information is asked to call (208) 426-6911.