The City of Boise plans to launch a new curbside compost pickup program next summer, but is looking for more feedback about it this month.

Through the citywide program, Boise residents would receive green carts for curbside collection of compostable material such as leaves and grass clippings, untreated wood, food waste.

The anticipated monthly rate increase would be $3.40 a month for most customers, and the city would provide finished compost product to customers at no additional charge.

KTVB reported earlier this year on the proposed program, which the city council approved last week.

The city will host three open houses where you can ask questions and provide feedback.

They are scheduled for Nov. 22 at the library at Cole and Ustick roads, Nov. 29 at the library at Collister and Dec. 1 at the library at Hillcrest.

Each meeting will begin at 6 p.m.

The city is also taking an online survey through Dec. 1.