Here we are more than a month after the first day of summer and we're still asking -- is it a good time to float the Boise River yet?

Today, the short answer is no, but we are closer than we were a couple weeks ago.

The streamflow rate is around 1,800 cubic feet per second.

Ada County Parks and Waterways typically opens tube and raft rentals and shuttle service when the level drops to somewhere between 800 and 1,200 cfs.

The Boise Fire Department Dive Team has been out on the water almost every day checking for hazards and doing what they can to remove them. Team Captain Jerrod Wong says they've found a lot of fallen trees in places where they don't find them most years.

“We've gotten most of those major hazards out of the way,” Wong said. “The hazards that we can mitigate as a dive team, we've been able to get rid of those hazards.”

Even when the river is considered "safe" for floaters, there will always be some potential danger to consider.

“I think people need to remember that when they're floating the river that they need to always pay attention and look ahead as to what's coming down the river and where they need to be in the river, and not just think that they're in a swimming pool or a water park,” Wong said.

For now, signs are still posted on the riverbanks warning of dangerous conditions, and if the fire department has to rescue you, there's a chance you will get the bill.

The firefighter we talked to today says that, for the most part, people have been paying attention to those warnings this summer.