BOISE - The Boise River reached flood stage Monday evening, as water managers continue to release water from upstream reservoirs in anticipation of a heavy spring runoff.

With water flowing at more than 7,100 cubic feet per second at the Glenwood Bridge as of Tuesday afternoon, some low-lying areas along the river are already seeing some flooding, including several large sections of the Greenbelt.

"We're just recommending that people stay away from the river. It's really quick and swift and can be very dangerous," Ryan Hedrick, a hydrologist with the Bureau of Reclamation, said.

Topping 7,000 cfs this early in the year is a relatively rare event, according to hydrologists. Tuesday's peak of 7,240 cfs is the most on record for this day in over 30 years. The last time the river topped 7,000 cfs on March 7 was in 1997.

"That's why we're dumping the water now is we're trying to create a bigger hole," Hedrick said. "So, if we can catch all that water that comes off and hopefully not in a real quick manner. It just depends on what Mother Nature does."

Ada County on Tuesday released a list of locations where free sandbags are being offered for residents looking to keep nuisance flooding at bay. Residents are limited to 10 bags per household, and are to be used only to keep water out of homes, garages and crawl spaces.

Residents will need to provide their own shovel in most cases, and will have to fill their own sandbags.

Ada County sandbag locations:


-Barber Park: 4049 S. Eckert Road, Boise

-Expo Idaho: 5610 N. Glenwood St., Boise


-Eagle Fire Station #1: 966 Iron Eagle Dr.

Garden City:

-Garden City Library: 6015 Glenwood St. (City Hall)


-Meridian Public Training Center: 1223 E. Watertower Lane (available 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. daily)


-Star Fire Protection District: 10831 W. State St., Star