Boise River flows are expected to increase this week, and there are concerns of possible rescue operations.

"The river is moving at plus 8,000 cubic feet per second - that's roughly 10-15 miles per hour," said Paul Roberts, who is the Boise Fire Department Special Operations Division chief. 

Roberts says the river is a dangerous place right now.

"It really doesn't take much under these conditions to have a pretty catastrophic event," said Roberts.

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We are all encouraged to stay away, and most importantly, stay out of the water.

"When it's moving this fast it's going to be pretty hard for people on the shore to keep track of you as to where you are in the water and if you're wanting help," said Roberts.

He says the river is also risky for rescue crews. Firefighters call it a high-risk and low-frequency environment. River access is more complex, clearance under bridges is low, the river is wider, and there is more debris that can interfere with the operation of their equipment.

"So really, everything is in alignment to have a very bad outcome for someone getting in the water," said Roberts.

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He says stay clear until things calm down.

"Sixty days is really what we're hearing," said Roberts.