The holiday season is seen as a time to spend with family and friends. But for some - like those on active duty in the military - that doesn't always happen.

So every Christmas, a military family is nominated to be surprised with a full Christmas light display on their house. This year, four families from the Pacific Northwest were chosen - including one in Boise.

"There's about 1,200 just in the tree alone," said Chris Weaver with Senske Services.

Then add the lights on the roof, the windows, the wreath, and the driveway.

"All said we've got close to 3,000 lights on this house," said Weaver. "It's fun hearing that we can bring some joy."

This is all a part of a nationwide program put on by Christmas Decor by Senske called the Decorated Family Program.

"When we're doing something like this we really pull out all the stops," he said.

They bring the best light display designers.

"I tell him this is our decorated family so make sure we cover all the basics," said Weaver. "He really put together a nice design I think it's going to light up."

Light up they did, both the house and the kids faces.

"We got told that someone did it for our family and it just made me cry," said one of the daughters.

It's this reaction that Weaver says makes it all worth it.

"Giving this little beacon of joy at this time of year will at least brighten this time for them," said Weaver. "That's the most important part for us."

The best part is that these lights are a custom fit for the house. So in a couple months Senske will come back, pack up the lights, and this family will have the lights for years to come.