A lot of Idahoans were in Las Vegas for the concert, one of them Nick Vlamis who just got back into Boise safe Monday night.

Like most people, Vlamis went to the concert with the intention of enjoying good country music. He was with several of his friends from high school.

Vlamis says for all three nights of the concert, including Sunday, he and his buddies were as close to the stage as they could get.

Twenty minutes into Jason Aldean, the last act of the night, Vlamis heard what he and many others thought were fireworks.

Then after a pause and more rapid fire noise, Vlamis knew something was wrong.

"I look to the right and people started hitting the ground and there was a gal that had blood all over her arm about 20 feet away from me," said Vlamis. "Then we realized something is going on, this isn't fake. So everybody started hitting the ground. I leaned over a couple of gals that were in front of me, right by the railing, covered them up, then it stopped and we didn't know what was going on but it was something because people were covered with blood."

In between gunfire, Vlamis noticed a steel enclosed space underneath the stage where he helped people get into and take cover.

"So I kind of of got inundated and started getting pushed back so I went under the stage and got out the back," said Vlamis. "One of my buddies stayed in there and I ended up helping people in the back. It was pretty sad situation in the back, people were shot outside the event, I put one guy in a car, he probably didn't make it and helped another lady into the same car, she was shot in the leg."

Vlamis' friend stayed underneath the stage and witnessed most of the carnage.

"My buddy got back to me later and he saw most of the dead people, he saw a person that was sitting up on the ground watching the concert, he was slumped over, when he touched him he fell over he was dead, blood all over the place," said Vlamis.

Vlamis says he's thankful he survived, his friends were also not injured.

He plans on going back to the country festival next year.

"I got to go back to this next year to pay tribute to the people who died and all the people who helped because it's pretty important," said Vlamis.