Drivers in the area of Jefferson and 12th Street can expect to see fire trucks blocking off the street this week. It’s all a part of a Boise Fire Department training exercise.

The week-long program is being held at the Boise Plaza this year. Its purpose is to prepare firefighters for conditions commonly encountered during high-rise building fires.

Crews will drill on high-rise operations with a specific focus on areas like basic tactics such as standpipe operations for supplying firefighting water, search, rescue and lobby functions.

Lobby functions include controlling building systems and identifying and establishing means of travel in the building.

The exercise involves several engine companies, truck companies, battalion chiefs and training officers.

Boise Fire Batallion Chief Aaron Hummel says the drills will make a difference when it matters most.

"We’re just doing some drills with our engine company crews to be able to actually advance those lines and going through some techniques on that,” said Hummel. “We also have our ladder trucks that are rotating through here so that they can work on forcibly entry techniques to breach doors and that type of stuff, as well as search techniques.”

Boise Fire will conduct a total of three sessions per day at 9 a.m., 1 p.m. And 3:40 p.m. through Saturday.