BOISE -- As Florida braces Hurricane Mathew, Boise residents are prepping for the storm too.

Local Boise resident Emily Ryan describes the scene outside her Orlando hotel window earlier this afternoon, where she has been told to stay until further notice.

“Its very rainy right now, the winds haven’t really started yet but it is definitely pouring,” says Ryan.

Davis says she's scheduled to fly out Saturday but could be stuck in Orlando longer depending on Hurricane Mathew's path.

So far, the storm hasn’t caused any delays at the Boise airport but could in the coming days.

“What can happen as larger airports are affected, it can cause a ripple effect throughout the country, so there could be delays in the future,” says Boise Airport marketing director Sean Briggs.

Boise has no direct flights to Florida but Briggs says the airport could be affected indirectly.

“Flights coming from Florida to Denver, for example, those flights that go from Denver to Boise that is where we could be impacted.”

Four local volunteers are preparing for the impact and are driving to Florida Thursday night in an emergency response vehicle, or ERV.

“The ERV does not deploy that often out of Boise and that is a pretty good indicator of the magnitude we expect this storm this storm to have,” says Christopher Davis of the Idaho Red Cross.

Two of the volunteers will work directly out of the ERV, providing mobile food services to affected areas, while the others will be stationed in warehouses distributing food in bulk.

If you're interested in helping but unsure how to, Davis says you can donate money or blood.

“We have had to close a number of blood drives in the southeast United States as a result of the hurricane coming in and, as such, are facing a bit of a shortage.”

For now, all local and national departments and volunteers can do is prepare.

“It is supposed to just start hitting us around this time and get progressively worse for a while,” says Ryan.