The city of Boise is cracking down on loud cars after a city council vote Tuesday.

This ordinance mainly targets vehicles that have been modified from original factory standards.

It was passed unanimously, and from now on vehicle noises cannot exceed 92 decibels.

The rule also pertains to excessive fumes and exhaust and will be enforced with a $100 fine.

City spokesman Mike Journee says as downtown businesses become more diverse, and the downtown population continues to grow, the city is receiving more and more complaints.

Camerom Lumbsden, owner and operator of downtown restaurants Fork on 8th Street, and Alavita on Idaho Street, testified at the council meeting. He says the loud noise and exhaust is disrupting his business.

“We have had guests not want to dine or be moved inside and we don’t have room for them inside, even with the garage doors closed on the Alavita side on Idaho and they go racing and roaring by, it's pretty disruptive to the business,” says Lumbsden.

There are some exceptions to the ordinance, which include antique motor vehicles registered with the Idaho Old Timer license plates or classic plates.