Before saying "I do," finding the perfect wedding dress can be one the biggest tasks for a bride.

That certainly was the case for a local woman. Jordyn Cleverly said she tried on at least 30 dresses and still couldn’t find “the one.”

She started to get a little discouraged.

"I talked to my dad. I knew that he had stored the dress,” she said. "My grandma was getting rid of her dress. After 50 plus years she finally decided it's time to let go. So she told me and my sister if you want to scrap it, make a pillow out of it, whatever you want to do."

So Jordyn thought just maybe this could be it.

“When I tried it on I thought to myself, 'How cool would it be if I could pull this off?'"

With the help of local seamstress, they were able to bring the dress “back to life.“ Jordyn had it tailored to her and kept it as close to the original as possible.

Keeping that in mind, she decided to surprise her grandmother and had the whole thing captured by photographer and close friend, Kortney Peterson.

"I've never been so emotional in a first look session ever,” Kortney said. “Like Jordyn just walked out and we saw her grandma turn around and she saw Jordyn walking her way I just started bawling. Everyone behind us was bawling. Like the back of my camera was dripping in my tears. It was just so pretty, beautiful to see."

"When I finally got up to her, she just kept repeating the word 'wow' and ‘1962.’ She just kept repeating those two words," Jordyn said.

That moment was more emotional than Jordyn had expected, but one that she said made it even more special.

"Right after the reveal, as I walked out and she saw it for the first time, it started pouring,” Jordyn said. “It was like one of those ‘Notebook’ moments.”

"We kind of saw that as teardrops from heaven,” Kortney said. “Teardrops from Jordyn's grandpa."

"Their marriage was just so powerful and so passionate. Without even knowing my grandpa, I felt so connected knowing that they were so close,” Jordyn said. "I hope by wearing that dress it kind of brought that legacy to us."

The photos of the reveal have been shared thousands of times on social media.