BOISE - Fifteen years after the dedication of the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial, the community came together Wednesday to celebrate the milestone while breaking ground for the future.

People gathered at the Anne Frank Memorial Wednesday for a block party celebrating the anniversary with food and music. Executive Director of the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights Dan Prinzing says seeing the community come together for the party shows Idaho's true colors.

"This represents our shared values, this represents who we are and what we are as a community. This represents why Idaho is too great for hate," Prinzing said.

The celebration also included a groundbreaking for the Marilyn Shuler Classroom for Human Rights. Prinzing says it's the perfect time to recommit to the future.

"I think this is such a shared moment in the community, and in light of what is transpiring nationally in light of what has occurred in Charlottesville, this is when we have to recommit," said Prinzing. "This is when we step up."

The Marilyn Shuler Classroom for Human Rights will be an outdoor classroom using technology to teach visitors about human rights in a more engaging way. The name of the classroom honors one of Idaho's most prominent human rights leaders.

"We are recognizing our history of the 15 years but our book is not written. We're turning our page to the new chapter of the next 15 years that will really define who and what we are," said Prinzing.

On average, 250 people visit the Anne Frank Memorial each day. Prinzing says over 100,000 people interact in some way with the Anne Frank Memorial each year.