All this week on Today's Morning News we are featuring the best breakfasts around the Treasure Valley as recommended by you, our viewers.

On Facebook, we asked you to tell us about your favorite breakfast spot and your number one menu item!

Today is Joe's turn!

A lot of people said we had to go to Moe Joe's in Meridian and try their blackened salmon hash bowl.

Moe Joe's is kind of a fresh take on breakfast, coming up with new menu items, different than your common bacon and eggs and pancakes and taking that to another level.

"How do you come up with new ideas?” asked Joe Parris.

“Traveling, going to different states trying new things, dinner, trying to transfer it to breakfast somehow it's fun to,” replied Joseph Boyd, Moe Joe’s owner.

“What we are going to make is the blackened salmon hash bowl," Boyd said.

"This is a new item actually it's going to be one of the new items that is on the new menu. We've run it as a special a few times and people tend to like it."

"We got the Moe Joe potatoes here, a little garlic oil, our house potato seasoning, toss those around.”

"Here we have a roasted corn and black bean salsa that we warm up in a pan.”

"Over here, a blackened salmon fillet."

"What's your most popular item?” asked Joe.

“The smokehouse hash,” replied Boyd. “We do a lot of hash bowls that are similar to this, lots of meat, cheeses, eggs, we do our own corn beef in house, we have a Philly cheese steak bowl that we do that is very popular."

"When people come in here, what kind of experience are you trying to give them?” asked Joe.

“A homey feel, good home cooked food that is fun to eat and a fun atmosphere," said Boyd.

“Put on top two poached eggs, this is chipotle hollandaise sauce."

"The chipotle is a crowd favorite. Top it with a little fresh cilantro and a lime and there you go, blackened salmon hash, looks great!"

“How often do you eat here?” asked Joe.

“Every day, even on my day off, it's that good."