A 19-year-old woman was able to fight off her attacker while walking from a retail store to her car Monday night.

Boise police say around 6 p.m. an unknown male came up from behind and tried to kidnap her in a parking lot near Westpark and Milwaukee streets.

The man is still at large and is being described as husky and over 6-feet tall.

Boise police are reminding residents to practice safe shopping.

A busy space, like the parking lot near Milwaukee and Westpark may seem safe, but Boise police say be mindful of where you park.

“Closer to the store, closer to the retail, or right underneath that light post or closest to the light as possible to improve the visibility,” says BPD Crime Prevention Supervisor Ed Fritz.

Fritz says don’t be distracted when walking to and from the store.

Police recommend removing earbuds and don’t have your eyes glued to your phone.

“Bad guys, they are the ones that pick the time and the place to plan those attacks and they do it when its most advantageous to them,” said President and Owner of Forward Moving Training Matt Schneider.

Schneider simulates real-life attack scenarios for a living.

He says avoid letting the attacker get you into a car at all costs as survival chances lower once you're mobile, adding that it is a good idea to keep your keys in hand and always remember the panic button on your key fob.

“That is designed to be there for a deterrent to an emergency, it's designed to get people’s attention and get help your way,” said Schneider.

Schneider adds if the attacker approaches you from behind, like in the incident that happened Monday night, leverage their body weight to get them on the ground and on their back.

“It is essentially grabbing their arms and creating some airway for yourself to be able to breathe and then simultaneously dropping your elbow and knee to the ground and using the momentum of the assailant.”