BURLEY - Nearly 40 new affordable homes have opened up in Burley. The new $7.5 million community will help with the much-needed housing demand in this small southern Idaho town.

Jordan and Tiffini Torrez searched around the town for months looking for a new place to live.

"I started looking in Rupert and elsewhere and stuff," Tiffini said.

The couple was finally able to get into a home at Homes at Riverwalk. It's Burley's new 36-home affordable housing complex on the north side of town.

"Felt pretty fortunate we were able to get in," Jordan said.

The complex includes 30 single-family, three- to four-bedroom homes and three two-bedroom duplexes. It’s a community that is already completely full. In fact, as the houses started going up, the people started moving in.

"As each of these units were completed there were tenants ready to occupy them and move in. So this project is virtually filled," Gerald Hunter with the Idaho Housing and Finance Association said.

The Bonneville Multifamily Capital, Western Region Nonprofit Housing Corporation, and the Idaho Housing and Finance Association helped fund the $7.5 million project.

"Works as a rental property. It fits into a community like Burley very nicely. Gives a feel of open residential community," Hunter said.

Burley Mayor Merlin Smedley says the town could use even more of these types of housing units as it continues to grow.

"The town is growing. We need the housing. We need more housing." Mayor Smedley said.

The new affordable housing community is located on the north side of town across from the Snake River. In the future, the city of Burley plans to build a greenbelt along the river.