Ada County celebrated their new emergency 911 dispatch center with a ribbon cutting Thursday morning.

Before Ada County officially flips the on switch, they showed off the new collection of technology that will help dispatchers serve those in need.

Along with a new-and-improved dispatch floor, the new center will provide the technology needed to keep the public safe, including 911 text messaging.

The $15 million facility has been in the works for several years, and will replace the current dispatch center that has been housed in the basement of the Ada County Public Safety Building since the 1970s.

Jerry Servatius has worked with Ada County Dispatch for 30 years and says the new facility means opportunity and growth for an important community asset.

"We're in a room now that has room for expansion, as opposed to where we were we had grown just about as far as we could. Now we have more room to expand and grow and more opportunities available for the dispatchers," said Servatius.

The dispatch center services a dozen county organizations for emergency and non-emergency purposes.

The county has 58 dispatchers that field about 40,000 calls every month.

The county says that over 90 percent of 911 calls are answered within two rings and that calls are usually answered and the issue taken care of in less than 90 seconds.