BOISE - Now that the Boise River is finally below flood stage, it's time for many residents to think about cleaning up their properties after months of flooding.

Part of that cleanup will be getting rid of used sandbags.

Ada County is offering help to get that job done.

Officials announced four locations where people can drop off their used sandbags until July 7:

- Expo Idaho in the West Parking Lot at 5610 Glenwood St.

- Riverwalk Park at 1000 Main St. in Star

- Eagle Fire Station #1 parking lot, 966 Iron Eagle Dr.

- 405 E. 48th St. in Garden City

Bags can be dropped off at any time. People are being asked to empty the bags at the drop-off location and put the empty bags into the designated Dumpster on site.

After July 7, sandbag disposal will be the responsibility of the homeowner.

Residents are being encouraged not to dump their used, filled sandbags with the rest of their garbage at home because officials say too added weight could prevent garbage trucks from being able to lift trash bins.