Certain indoor clubs and activity centers are busier than usual after schools have been closed.

These places are providing options for parents whose kids are going stir crazy kept in the house and a place to be while parents are at work.

“On an ordinary day typically there are not many guests here. Certainly we have seen a lot of families coming out here from these last snow days of school having fun and burning energy,” said Tiffany Quilici, marketing director at Wahooz.

Quilici says the indoor theme park has been busy the past few days, busy with kids being out of school and even busy with working parents.

“We feel that a mom or dad's comfort while they are here is just as important as kids fun, we have a lot of places where parents can work, we have free WiFi,” adds Quilici.

“I can jump on their free WiFi, I don’t have to use my data and prepare for the next day we have school,” said vice principal of Compass Public Charter School Greg Cordero.

The snow days have kept Cordero out of school too.

He says he’s been able to work remotely, but it’s a different story for parents who have to be at the office and need somewhere to drop their kids.

“Most of our families are working families and they can’t afford to be out for five or six days for snow days, so it has been hard for everyone,” said Boys and Girls Club of Garden City Executive Director Colleen Braga.

The Boys and Girls Club in Garden City has extended their hours. Normally opening at 3 p.m. during the school year, the club has decided to open early at 7 a.m. to accommodate working families.

“We have only been open for 20 minutes, there is probably 60 or 70 kids in this age group, throughout the day kids will continue streaming in,” said Braga.

Early hours at the Boys and Girls Club started after the snow forced their facility to close last week.

“We actually closed Thursday and Friday but we reopened this week because we know the cost that the parents take, reduced wages and not being able to work, so we want to make sure we can provide those extended services," said Braga.

With the possibility of more snow days this winter, indoor facilities like the Boys and Girls Club and Wahooz, want parents to know they’re open when schools are closed.

“We want to be open and hopefully the kids want to be here because it is better than sitting around at home,” said Braga.

“There aren’t a lot of indoor places where kids can come out and play and exercise, so instead of kids climbing the walls at your house, they can climb the walls here in our new indoor adventure park,” said Quilici.