A 6-year-old Nampa girl is in critical condition after she was mauled by her family dog while in Mexico. Andrea Guzman is currently in Rady’s Children’s Hospital in San Diego.

Family members tell KTVB the attack happened just a little over a week ago while Andrea and her brother were down in Mexico visiting their dad. Two weeks into the trip, their 6-year-old bull terrier attacked Andrea. Since that day, she’s had two surgeries with two more on the way. Now, her family is doing what they can to get her back to Idaho.

“It's hard just to see her and see her pictures and see how a young innocent 6-year-old little girl could go through a tragedy like that,” Patsy Calero, Andrea’s aunt said.

Almost a thousand miles away, Andrea is fighting for her life.

“We can't hug her, we can't hold her hand her hand and tell her it's going to be OK because she's in San Diego,” Calero said.

In Idaho, her family is working to raise money to bring her home. On Sunday, they a raffle and auction in a parking lot off Caldwell Boulevard in Nampa.

“When she's stable, we really want to bring them home,” Calero said.

A little over a week ago, Andrea was attacked by her father’s 6-year-old bull terrier while visiting him in Mexico.

“Not a phone call somebody would want to get and when it's somebody, you think you only see this in movies, but it can happen and it happened to us,” Robert Jimenez, Andrea’s grandfather said.

Thankfully, two men walking by her father’s home heard her aunt screaming and broke down the door to come help.

“He already had a lock jaw on the scalp and so they couldn't get the dog to release her. So they ended up pulling the mouth on each end to release her from him,” Calero said.

Andrea was taken to a hospital in Mexico, later to be met by an ambulance at the border and taken to San Diego, where the road to recovery is just beginning.

“It's not going to be just come home, it's going to be check-up, after check-up, after check-up,” Jimenez said.

Andrea’s brain is swollen. She also must undergo another surgery to place a metal plate under her eye.

“She is sitting up and eating and doing a lot better,” Jimenez said.

The family however, will be feeling a lot better once she’s back in Nampa.

“I want to say thank you to the community and to the family that really helped us with putting this all together, all the donations, all the raffles, there's nothing more I can say - 'thank you,” Jimenez said.

The family has set up a Wells Fargo account under the name “Terri Alvera and Andrea Guzman” to help with any costs.

There’s also a Paypal account that’s being matched by PSSI Sanitation.