BOISE - More than 2,000 runners, a crowd of cheering fans, and the sun all came out Saturday for the 40th annual Race to Robie Creek.

The half-marathon started at noon in Fort Boise Park, continued into the foothills and up and over Aldape Summit, finishing up at Robie Creek, a few miles north of Lucky Peak Dam.

KTVB flew the Sky7 drone over Shaw Mountain Road to bring you a bird’s-eye view of the runners shortly after the race started.

Each year, the Race to Robie Creek has a theme, with many runners in costumes. This year’s theme was “Retro Robie: Forty Years of Pain and Suffering.” Runners were encouraged to show up dressed for their favorite themes from any of the past races.

“I got my old-school Bears jacket on and some shorty-shorts,” Matt Frey said.

“It is just such a great community of people. People are so nice,” said Lorian Gans, a race organizer. “I remember when I would run, there were always people along the course who would encourage me, and in turn you would do that for other people.”

Erik Teig and Morgan Arritola, both from Boise, were the top male and female finishers. You can find complete results here.

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"The course was fine," Arritola said. "It was icy on the back side. I do mountain and trail running, so I like technical, nasty trails. So this is basically a road for me, so it was fine. No big deal."

"I wanted to win the race to the top, because the footing was good on there," Teig said. "As soon as you got over the top, the first mile-and-a-half on the back side was pretty icy. I wanted to make sure I kept the lead going down without sliding down the hill."

Finish-line cam video from 1:16:44 to 1:32:09

Finish-line cam video from 1:32:09 to 1:47:19

Finish-line cam 1:47:19 to 2:02:08

Finish-line cam 2:02:08 to 2:16:57

Finish-line cam 2:16:57 to 2:32:04

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