It provides our veterans with a place to relax, enjoy each other, and cope with loss, PTSD, or any physical disabilities: The Idaho Veteran’s Garden in Caldwell. Now, a group is working to give a similar experience in Nampa.

“For some guys it's fly fishing, for other people it's art, and for a lot of people gardening is very, very therapeutic,” Mike Waltermire with the Boise Rescue Mission Veterans’ Ministry Program said.

It’s a place those with the Veterans Therapeutic Gardens hope those who served our country can go to find peace.

“This is to help the local veterans to just have a place to go where they can decompress, relax with each other, deal with whatever they need to deal with,” Waltermire said.

Since 2013, the Idaho Veteran’s Garden has served that purpose. Now, the Veterans Therapeutic Gardens is taking a similar approach in Nampa to help those who served.

“It's an honor to be able to do this, to show our veterans that they are loved and cared about,” Gayle Strack with the Veterans Therapeutic Gardens said.

The “Veterans Liberty Garden” will consist of a vegetable garden, raised boxed planters along with a serenity garden with an in-ground amphitheater and water fountain.

“As much use we can get out of the garden is our goal,” Waltermire said.

The “Veterans Liberty Garden” will also be associated with the Boise Rescue Mission and help grow fresh produce, which will then be donated to the community.

“The rest of this vegetable garden will be an in-ground portion and part of that will go, to about a thousand meals a day, that the rescue mission serves,” Waltermire said.

The hope being the garden will become something for all the community.

“We want this to be a collaborative effort. Not just businesses, not just veteran’s groups, we want this to be community supported and that's very important to us that it has that kind of support,” Strack said.

Support, the group hopes will eventually be spread all throughout the state.

“We would love to see every town in the state of Idaho to be able to have something like this,” Strack said.

The “Veterans Liberty Garden” does need a little help, they’ve launched their Adopt A Box campaign. It allows people to sponsor one of the raised boxes in the garden.

More information on how you can get involved with the garden or if you would like to Adopt a Box, can be found here.