Some big changes could soon be coming to Kuna.

Just last week, the city council approved a landowner's application for annexation.

There are still a few more steps before this happens. Some paperwork still needs to be finalized and the city has to move forward with the annexation ordinance, which goes to the state and county.

The land in question is about 130 acres between Ten Mile and Black Cat roads, and Amity and Lake Hazel roads.

Right now, the area is unincorporated land.

The landowner is a developer and has plans to build a subdivision there.

The developer applied for that land to be part of Kuna city limits. Planning and Zoning says if you meet the requirements you have every right to apply for annexation.

If this development becomes part of the city, Kuna can provide services like water and sewer to it.

Under the approved application, the developer would be able to build up to four houses per acre on the land. So on this plot of land that could be more than 500 homes.

But the city says not everyone is happy about this.

"There are thousands of people moving to the Treasure Valley on an annual basis, and so we're starting to grow more rapidly than we ever have,” said Troy Behunin with Kuna Planning and Zoning, “And the more we build, that brings more commercial, and when you bring more commercial then it spurs more development because we need more jobs for that, so it kind of is a trickle-down effect."

We knocked on some doors in a nearby subdivision to see what neighbors think of this proposed annexation, but no one answered.

We also reached out to Meridian to see what the city though since this land is nearby.

In a statement, the Meridian planning division manager said they worked with Kuna to establish a boundary and do not object to the annexation.