EAGLE -- A happy update for one Valley County horse.

Several agencies came together to remove the horse, now known as "Ryat," by helicopter off a Valley County mountain near Boulder Lake in January.

At the time, officials said he was just days away from dying.

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He had been stranded in six-feet of snow without food or water.

When he was rescued, Ryat was extremely thin, with his hip bones exposed and had frostbitten legs.

Idaho Horse Rescue president Robert Bruno says that since the rescue, Ryat has put on between 100 and 150 pounds and has regained his energy.

On Friday, Bruno was able to take Ryat to get checked out by a vet and to see if he could locate any brands that might help them find his owner.

The vet did find one brand on Ryat's left front shoulder and one on his left hip, which Bruno says is common for rodeo stock.

Bruno says that although Ryat has made tremendous progress, there is still work to do.

Bruno says that although Ryat has calmed down in the month and a half sine his rescue, he is still very wild.

In the meantime, Bruno has handed over the brands to the Valley County Sheriff's office and, as far as he knows, his owner has not yet been identified.

For now, Ryat will stay at the Idaho Horse Rescue.