As two sisters continue to heal, the hunt continues for the man who drove into their UTV earlier this month.

The crash happened July 15 on Freezeout Road in Caldwell. Police say a man driving a white car hit the Arctic Cat the girls were on and then took off.

Less than two weeks later, Abby and Kendall McMillan were at the the Canyon County Fair, showing their pigs for Future Farmers of America (FFA).

It shows how far they've come after both were hospitalized from the crash.

"First when I went to the doctor I thought I didn't want to show because there was to much head trauma and I was in pain," explained 12-year-old Kendall.

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As the wounds started to heal, they decided it was important to show their animals so they could also heal on the inside.

"We weren't going to let it affect our week," said 15-year-old Abby. "We were going to the fair. We worked way too hard to have some guy let us not."

Still, it is hard for them to forget that the person who left them on the side of Freezeout Road in Caldwell has not been identified.

"I would think he would feel guilty he did this to us, but there are some people that don't even care," said Kendall.

They both smile knowing a lot of people do care what happened to them. They say all the encouragement has led them back to the fair to show off their passion and hard work.

"A nightmare that's turning into a better dream by coming to fair and doing as well as we did," said Abby, who like her sister, won her age division.

The Canyon County Sheriff's Office continues to look for the hit-and-run vehicle. It's described as a white Chevy passenger car with a possible Chevy bow tie emblem or cross on the back window.

Abby and Kendall encourage you to checkout the livestock sale Saturday at the Canyon County Fair. Funds they raise will go into their college savings, as well as pigs for next year.