Health insurance premiums for 2017 are expected to increase about 24 percent on average in Idaho, according to the Idaho Department of Insurance.

The increase will impact people who purchase insurance directly from a health insurance provider or those who purchase it from the state health exchange, Your Health Idaho. Not everyone who gets health care in those ways will see a 24 percent increase. The increase will vary from person to person.

People are concerned they won’t be able to afford health care, but some argue that’s not the case.

The executive director of Your Health Idaho, Pat Kelly, said there are tax credits available that will help offset the premium, making health insurance more affordable than most people would think.

"If you had a premium that was $300, you may receive a $200 tax credit,” he said. “Which means you write a check for $100 for that month."

Kelly said 90 percent of the people who shop for health insurance through the state health exchange receive a tax credit. There are different variables that determine if someone qualifies for that.

There are 225 plans available through Your Health Idaho this year.

Enrollment begins Nov. 1.