A shocking video of a little girl in La Grande, Oregon partially paralyzed by a tick bite has gone viral.

The clip shows the girl's parents urging her to stand.

She was rushed to the hospital and, according to her mom, Amanda Lewis' Facebook page, the girl suffered from tick paralysis, but is expected to return to normal in several days.

Tick season has already began early here in Idaho.

A wet spring that's created tall grasses has made for an ideal tick habitat.

And while the Centers for Disease Control says tick paralysis is rare, it can happen and there are other illnesses more common to Idaho that we need to be aware of.

According to the CDC, tick paralysis is rare and thought to be caused by a toxin in the bug's saliva.

The agency says in Idaho, the most common illnesses are Spotted Rocky Mountain Fever and Colorado Tick Fever, which can cause a fever a varying degrees, the chills

The CDC recommends seeing a doctor immediately if a rash or ulcer develops. Many bites can be treated with antibiotics and removed at home.

“Just get some fine tip, tweezers, go to the tick, get firmly as close to the tick as you can and pull up with firm and consistent pressure and you will get everything, don't use any home remedies that's the most important thing,” says Kirk Dean, owner of Barrier Pest Control.

Dean specializes in tick control.

He says ticks don't typically invade homes but are brought in by pets and children around bodies of water like canals, the Boise Greenbelt and other areas with tall grass.

Give kids a good look over because ticks like to hide!

“Typically they are going to be in areas that are protected like behind the ear, along the hairline, and girls that have longer hair they can be in the hair and armpits,” says Dean.

Dean also says when going camping or outdoors, spray dogs with a tick treatment at least monthly and buy some bug spray for yourself.

“They crawl, so the best thing you’re going to want do is focus on that repellent on your pant legs and shoes to prevent that from happening,” says Dean.