CALDWELL - Mosquitoes collected in traps on Wednesday have tested positive for West Nile virus in Canyon and Payette counties

Officials with Canyon County Mosquito Abatement District said the trap was located along the Boise River near Rotary Pond north of Caldwell.

District Director Ed Burnett noted that this was one of the earliest detections of West Nile in more than a decade. Recent hot temperatures have resulted in a spike in population of the species of mosquitoes that carry West Nile, Burnett said.

Workers will begin fogging the affected area over the next couple of nights. Routine mosquito abatement operations will continue throughout the area.

Aerial spraying is also planned along the Boise River from Curtis Park along Channel Road to Look Lane south of Highway 20.

The Payette County trap was found in the Jewel Wetlands area north of the city of Payette, officials said.

The county's abatement program will will increase mosquito surveillance in the area, and ground applications by truck-mounted sprayers will increase in areas surrounding the wetlands.

With more hot weather in the forecast, receding flood waters could leave standing water pools, resulting in another spike in mosquito populations.

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Officials say people need to take precautions to protect themselves, including following the "7 D's":

• DRAIN any standing water on your property that may cause mosquitos and remember do not over irrigate.
• DAWN and DUSK are times to avoid outdoors.
• DRESS appropriately by wearing long sleeve shirts and long pants when outdoors.
• DEFEND yourself against mosquitoes by using an insect repellant.
• DOOR and window screens should be in good conditions to prevent mosquitoes form entering your home.
• DISTRICT personnel are here to help address mosquito problems that you may be experiencing.