The Boise River has been stocked with a new batch of steelhead trout, thanks to Idaho Fish and Game.

As a part of the fall tradition, anglers will now get a chance to catch a sea-run fish where they returned decades ago, but are now blocked by dams.

The steelhead destined for the Boise River are trapped at Hells Canyon Dam, but today they were released at five sites along the Boise River.

"In a normal year, we would stock 333 adults in each of the first three weeks of November for a total of about 1,000," said Joe Kozfkay, regional fish manager. "2017 is a low steelhead run, so stocking will likely be much lower than 1,000."

Depending on how many are trapped at Hells Canyon and weather conditions, the river may get 100 to 150 more fish next week as well.

A steelhead permit is required to fish for and keep steelhead. Limits are two steelhead per day and six in possession.

Barbless hooks are not required to fish for steelhead in the Boise River.