BOISE - An old female elk that has become a familiar sight to residents of Boise's North End has been put down.

Idaho Fish and Game euthanized the elk - which locals had named Ada - Friday evening, agency spokesman Mike Keckler said.

It happened in the area of 7th and Fort streets.

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Keckler said Fish and Game got a call from Boise Police, who said the elk was standing in the middle of the street and was bleeding from the mouth and rectum.

When Fish and Game officers arrived, the elk was laying down in a yard and couldn't lift her head.

"When we saw what condition she was in, we made the decision," Keckler said.

Keckler said they have been unable to determine why Ada was in such poor health. He said there was no sign of poisoning from Japanese yew.

Whatever the factors contributing to Ada's death, neighbors are heartbroken.

"Still all day I've been thinking about her," Star Warne said on Saturday. "I was just hoping for a happy ending, but I did not know she was old and that she was possibly going to live the rest of her life in the North End."