As early voting kicks off, voters in Ada and Canyon counties are deciding on school bonds and levies.

West Ada, Kuna and Vallivue school districts all have something on the ballot. West Ada and Vallivue are asking for plant facilities levies to cover school maintenance.

“We use it to maintain our buildings, to furnish our buildings and also to acquire land for future schools we know we're going to need to build," said West Ada School District spokesman Eric Exline.

Both districts already have one, but they are about to run out.

Vallivue is asking to raise up to $2 million per year for ten years. Under the current levy, it’s been able to raise up to $1 million each year.

West Ada is asking to raise up to $16 million each year for the next ten years. That’s actually a decrease from the current levy, which allows the district to raise up to $20 million each year.

"We’re not going to use any of this levy to build new buildings, you actually can, but we also know we're going to have to run a bunch of bonds in the next ten years," Exline said.

The Kuna Joint School District is asking voters to pass a bond and levy. It’s asking for a $40 million bond that would provide a new high school and middle school, and it would cover other renovations in the district.

"Our school district has grown 400 houses a year, which means about 250 students a year," said Dave Reinhart, a spokesman for Kuna Joint School District.

Kuna is also asking for a $2.5 million levy to buy books and computers. It would also help update the curriculum and pay for staff.

"Our history books in the high school, the last president in the history book, is Bill Clinton, and they were printed before 9-11,” Reinhart said. “To adopt a history curriculum in a school district our size takes about $800,000 to do the technology and the books."