Nearly 100 students at Renaissance High School will be graduating with a college degree this year.

That's up from about 15 when the program started four years ago.

The West Ada School District and Idaho State University developed the program where students take a college level class from their high school teachers and it counts for both the high school diploma and the college degree.

The school district expects this program to continue to grow as the cost of college tuition goes up.

"I think the biggest benefit, to be honest, is the cost of two years of college that you've avoided,” West Ada School District spokesman Eric Exline said. “In the state of Idaho, that's about a $30,000 savings."

It costs $65 for each credit. Another reason the program is so popular is because the state provides financial help. Every student in the state from 8th to 12th grade is given about $4,000 they can use to pay for those credits.