More than 650 high school students from around Idaho came to Boise today for the Hispanic Youth Leadership Summit.

Students participated in leadership and STEM-related workshops. Everything is hands-on to engage the students.

The idea is to build an interest in science, technology and engineering fields -- and encourage students to go on to college and earn degrees.

"All kinds of things that ordinarily they don't think is fun because they think science whatever, but when they see everything they can do they end up learning, a lot of them end up saying ‘I’m going to choose that kind of career now after attending this conference,’" said J.J. Saldana with the Idaho Commission on Hispanic Affairs.

Another way students are encouraged to go to college is through scholarships.

Multiple Idaho colleges and universities were at this summit.

Each one of those was offering scholarships.

All of those combined came to more than $100,000.

This was the tenth annual Hispanic Youth Leadership Summit.