BOISE-- Boise girls were the center of a two-day science, technology, engineering and math event that began on Thursday.

The Boise School District's Girl Powered STEM Event reached max capacity, with the approximately 150 girls who enrolled to explore things like robotics, architecture, tech toys and more.

Girls in fourth through sixth grade were eligible to enroll in the program. Those students who attended listened as women working in STEM fields gave presentations and led hands-on activities.

The principal of Amity Elementary School says that bringing girls this opportunity is a needed gateway to set girls up for future success in a STEM field.

Principal Valerie Uhlorn said, "It's just an opportunity to bring girls into the arena of STEM. It doesn't happen very often, looking at the research, and giving them the opportunity to delve into various STEM activities with technology and paramedics and climate change, all of these various components of the STEM world, with female presenters is just a rare opportunity."

The sessions are designed to encourage and inspire students in STEM fields.