Kids at Whitney Elementary School in Boise got a special taste of Idaho for lunch.

Students were taught about locally-sourced foods in the classroom and then sampled them in the cafeteria.

Tuesday's menu featured fish from Buhl, cherries from Marsing, corn from Emmett, and locally-sourced hot dogs and milk.

It's a partnership between the Idaho Department of Agriculture and the University of Idaho.

Before lunch was served, interns from University of Idaho taught kids where in the state different foods come from and which food categories each dish fits into.

The Idaho Department of Agriculture has been providing foods from local farms to Boise schools since 2011 but the education component this summer is new.

“I think if we can help kids make that connection between where the food is grown and where it's actually coming from, I honestly think they are more likely to try those foods and eat them with that continued exposure,” said Katie Chadband, assistant supervisor Boise School Food Nutrition Services.

The locally-sourced lunch was served to 60 kids at Whitney Elementary School on Tuesday and more than 100 kids at Lowell Elementary School earlier this summer.